Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New links posted

An email today from someone whose blogs inspired me to start my own finally got me to figure out how to put links on here. If you scroll down the sidebar under my profile, you will find them. Aside from my gratuitous link to my own products page (since the google ads have my generic "competition" all over the place) you will find a link to the "Traceless Warrior," Mushtaq Ali al Ansari. He is a long-time practitioner of Silat and a person with very deep insights into the human condition. His blogs range from apolitical commentary that is so common-sense you could scream in relief, to valuable martial arts tips. It was a link from one of my students to his article on "Slicing Time" that put me in touch with him and we've had some interesting correspondences since.

Here are some of his posts that I think are particularly relevant to FMA'ers, and I'm sure there are more if you go through his archives; let me know if you find another one to link!

Slicing Time

Getting Behind the Knife - Hide behind your knife

And for you grapplers

I'd certainly like to hear from my students what they get from these. I'll put up more interesting martial arts links on here as I find ones that fit this blog.

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