Friday, February 25, 2005

FMA Digest

Today feels a bit like housecleaning, just putting up odds and ends like the last one on Sonny's balisong book. After all the long posts I've done recently, this should be easy reading. Today I got the advance copy of the new FMA Digest, published by Steven Dowd. This is a quarterly journal that comes in a downloadable .exe file that opens as a flip book with pages. It's a beautifully done format that I haven't seen previously. The new issue (which will be available to the general public in a couple of days) is devoted to profiling online FMA vendors like yours truly. There are some great products I hadn't seen before, from really nice small aluminum training knives to large kamagong swords. The FMA Digest website itself has a lot of great links to martial arts associations, online digests, vendors, etc. Anyone in these arts will undoubtedly find something of value there, so take a look and show some support for this cool site!

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