Saturday, February 19, 2005

Mining Feedback

If you look at the bottom of each posting, there are some tiny links.

The time links you to a permanent record of that particular post on its own page, which might be useful if you want to save a particular blog for future reference without having to dig through the archives.

The comments link is there for people to respond to what was written, making this a more interactive forum. It hasn't gotten much use, but the comments that have shown up are very encouraging. I was actually inspired to post this entry after reading a comment on Serrada footwork from Alex Castro, an old student who has done some very interesting things in his martial arts career. I'll never forget performing for a packed house (about 2000 people) at the "Night of the Masters" in San Francisco back around 1992. Alex not only was uke for me, but also took some big falls for his Shuai Jiao grandmaster a few times during the evening. That was awesome!

Another example that lets me know I'm not just spinning my wheels was feedback from Mushtaq Ali regarding my thoughts on conscious training (or was that on training consciousness?)

Anyway, thanks to those who have contributed, and encouragement for anyone who wants to add in. I'm glad people read these entries, but it's even better knowing it's thought provoking.

On a final note, from time to time I send out an email letting people know there are new entries here (usually when I've been quiet awhile). If anyone wants to stay updated through my list (it's private) let me know, and by all means, let others know of this site.

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