Thursday, February 10, 2005

And now this just in ....

Well, it's a small world indeed! Today I got an email from Steve Van Harn, an FMA'er I met in 1996 at the WEKAF world championships in L.A. We knew of each other already from the wonderful world of online digests. I seem to recall refereeing a match or two of his, and later giving him some training tips. I won't take credit for his subsequent progress, but Steve seems to have done alright for himself, becoming a champion in full contact escrima. Way to go, Stevie! Anyway, he got my notice of yesterday's first blog and was going to email me about Mushtaq Ali al Ansari's "Traceless Warrior" blog, when lo and behold, there was my name on said blog! Steve then sent me a link to Part II of "Slicing Time" (good boy!) which just happens to be based on a correspondence between Steve and Mushtaq, completing the triad of this little blogfest. Steve gets a full point for ippon and match. Like I said, he's come a long way :)
So, without further ado, here's Slicing Time, and Slicing Ego .

Addendum! Mushtaq checked in with comments that link two more parts to the "Slicing Time" thread. (I keep wanting to call it a trilogy, but darned if it didn't go from two to four parts in a heartbeat!) Here are the other two parts ... so far ... and counting ....

More On Slicing Time
Slicing Time In Between

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