Sunday, January 07, 2007

January 2007 Updates

This is a reminder to check the FMA calendar for upcoming events. The Filipino arts will be inaugurated at the huge Disney Martial Arts Festival in Anaheim the first weekend in February! There will be a prior regional qualifier and training event in mid-January in Portland, Or. for those in the Pacific Northwest. In mid-February, AMOK will host its first Bay Area seminar in Menlo Park. All these are currently posted.

I've uploaded an article by Guro Peter Freedman that echoes some of the things in my last post about keeping an open mind and supporting each other in the arts. Here's a video clip of Guro Freedman showing defenses against the gun.

For those who don't yet know about or get the FMA Digest, this is another great resource for articles and upcoming events. There's a lot of positive energy in the community these days, and everybody is important in keeping that going!

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