Monday, November 21, 2016

It is with great sadness I learned this morning of the passing of my friend, grandmaster Ron Harris, who died suddenly yesterday of heart failure. Ronald was an amazing person, a university professor who championed conservative values while promoting the economic success of black Americans. As a martial artist, he trained with the best, from Dan Inosanto to Leo Gaje, with whom he traveled to many seminars. Ron held a 7th Dan in Kajukenbo and was once tapped by Sijo Emperado to create an escrima system specific to that art, though it never caught on due to lack of qualified instructors at the time. He taught "Classic Eskrima", as well as Muay Thai, Boxe Francaise/Savate and Taekwondo. He contributed articles to Black Belt and Inside Kung Fu and other publications, and sponsored seminars around the country, first coming to my attention with tournaments he threw in San Diego in the 1990's. He was well-versed in BJJ, and his younger brother Russ trained the first American to beat the Brazilians in the Octagon. Ron trained Marines in hand-to-hand over the years (he currently has a son at Annapolis) and just this summer I designed a training dagger for his program, which I was showing to folks at the MACE seminar just two days ago. Through Ron I've met some amazing martial artists, like Jan Miernyk and Dan Medina. I'm still in shock over this news, and I'm sure he will be missed by many.


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I was one of his filipino and army student in 1992. I was shocked too in 2016 when his senior student Domingo told my best friend navy veteran Chris who is his cousin. We were all students of his. We had a navy seal he trained with us back then. Ron was one of the most kindest person I met. He was also the best martial arts instructor I ever had. Had not been for him, I would have not develop my own JKD/Kali fighting based on my preference. He layed the ground work for my mixed martial arts knowledge. I hope to see him again in the spiritual world.

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Wow..just stumbled across this, while looking at Ron's old training videos. My name is Chris, I was in the Navy and a student of Ron's, back in 1992-1993. I remember Domingo also. This is so sad to hear about Ron. God bless Ron, you will be missed.