Tuesday, August 26, 2008

September Seminar Calendar

There are two excellent seminars scheduled here in the San Francisco Bay Area for the third weekend in September. On Saturday the 20th Bobby Tabimina will be having another seminar in Hayward. If you remember my post from the earlier event, this is something that should be of value to anyone interested in extreme close-quarter combat.

The next day, Sunday the 21st, there will be a Pedoy/Derobio seminar in Vallejo. To my knowledge, this is a first for this style to be presented here in this area. My own experience with Derobio was a few years ago in Albuquerque with Dan Medina, one of Pedoy's top students, and it left me very impressed with the system. Many techniques in Derobio look like Serrada but are very different in application, flowing with the attack rather than blocking them. This is a very reasonably priced seminar (as is the Balintawak) so here's a chance to check out something special!

For anyone up in New England, Guro Peter Freedman has several events in New Hampshire, including a demo on Sept. 6, a cookout/multi-style teach-in on the 13th, and a law enforcement "surviving edged weapons" seminar on the 24th.

Check the calendar (right hand column) for details on these events!

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