Saturday, June 21, 2008

Indiana Jones' whipmaster

I received an email from Anthony de Longis this evening. He's a Hollywood weapons master who's worked behind the scenes training actors to use the whip on films such as "Batman Returns", "The Rundown" and "The Legend of Zorro". He also appeared in his own right as the swordsman facing Jet Li in the opening of Fearless, so you probably have seen him in action.

Anthony studied FMA with Dan Inosanto, and he is a friend of Tom Meadows, connecting us through the Latigo y Daga Association. In the past he sent write-ups to post on the Filipino Fighting Whip blog, which has long been linked on the sidebar of this one. Unfortunately that blog became inactive, and at the moment I cannot access it to submit a new post, so by default I'm forwarding his information here.

Anthony recently worked with Harrison Ford on "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" and he did an extensive write-up for Indy Gear, so click this link and get an inside look at the whip training for this new movie.

Harrison Ford on Good Morning America (with a cameo by Anthony)
Anthony and Mary on Good Morning America
Anthony at the ranch for French tv (long: whips, swords, lances, horses, tomahawks)

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