Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The “American Express” Flute – Don’t leave home without it!

He calls it his “American Express” Flute – he won’t leave home without it!

Testimonial From London:
In the UK, they would rather you die then properly arm yourself for defense, but I was carrying the HITS when I got stopped by the police on London Bridge Train Station. I told them it was a flute in the making. The next time they saw me, I had the flute! Now they think I have a guy here in London making flutes out of cheap plastic tubes! They really have no clue... :)

For the record:
I was approached by 5 guys, 1 on my left, 4 staggered to the right. I managed to get off a punyo strike to the closest attacker on my right, which led me to a straight thrust to the attacker on my left, both of which were head shots. Afterwhich I spun to my right again to face the rest and that's when I saw one lunging with his right hand leading in a thrusting motion with a knife. I managed a redondo that was slightly faster and better timed than he was, thank God, and it caught him right where I wanted it, in the hand itself.

Although the flute does feel light, it gives great speed and ability to force someone to drop a weapon...with a cracking sound that wasn't the flute ;-) I have seen the footage of a HITS being used in a DB match and I own 2 of those. I know from first hand experience the flute WILL hold up to thrusts, punyos and redondos against bone!

Being a Rapid Arnis player and instructor, I am always on the lookout for non-lethal devices for self-defence. I do believe I have found what I am looking for in the HITS sticks and the HITS Shakuhachi Flute! I would put my endorsement to anyone of these and I would recommend anyone to purchase one! And learning to play one might not be too bad either ;-)

Mr. Finder, I thank you greatly for your creation. I literally owe my life to you.


Damien Alexander
Rapid Arnis London


Unknown said...

That is an inspiring story. I will definitely be purchasing a escrima flute. Do you have any idea where I can purchase one? Are there any good sites online that legal weapons or disguised weapons for self defense. The flute is such an excellent idea!

Anonymous said...

I find this story very difficult to believe.

Unknown said...

I carried mine to Edinburgh for the fringe festival. A great comfort.