Saturday, April 21, 2007

Back Online

Sorry I haven't posted for a couple of weeks but I had a computer problem; it was crashing intermittantly, causing me to lose data, emails etc. I suspected a hardware problem and code indicated memory or motherboard but none of the diagnostics showed anything, so I started uninstalling recent software updates. I finally found a program that reads the SMART (self-monitoring and reporting technology) software on my hard disks. It turns out my backup disk, an old one, was about to crash from causes that had nothing to do with the data or disk surface itself (why diskcheck and Spinrite didn't help). There went a week of long hours and late nights, leaving me to play catch-up during tax time. If anyone tried to contact me and didn't get a reply, this is why.

A reminder of the tournament in Stockton this Sunday , which includes demonstrations of Filipino dance and martial art styles.

Next Saturday is an opening in Oakland for the IESA and UMA organizations. Check the calendar for this and other updates.

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