Monday, March 05, 2007

A Traceless Warrior Visits the Bay Area

This coming weekend the San Francisco Bay Area is fortunate to have a rare visit from Silat master teacher Mushtaq Ali. Some of you may be familiar with his Traceless Warrior Blog which is listed on the right side of this page. Others may know of him through comments in various forums by folks like Steve Van Harn, a top tournament competitor from the Midwest. The point is this - if you know of Mushtaq, you will probably be excited at this opportunity to absorb his teaching, and if you don't know about him already, then it's time to see what the buzz is about. I myself have never met him, but we've corresponded about technique and philosophy over the years and he's been high on my list of people in the martial arts I'd like to meet. I'll be there, and if any readers make the seminar, I hope you say hello. Be sure to check the FMA calendar for details!

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