Saturday, January 01, 2005

Out with the old

With everything going on in the world right now (tsunami) 2005 started auspiciously with a rainbow. I was out in my yard at 7am doing stretches when I saw it. In the story of Noah and the Flood, God sends a rainbow at the end as a symbol of hope and rebirth. Let us hope.

There has been a lot of death around this past year. I lost a handful of pets; three cats (one old, two young) and a pair of snakes. A couple of my oldest fish died. I told my daughter she was getting practice for the big ones, and last week it was her grandfather. I'm grateful we had the preparation, because it's hard to say goodbye, even if one believes in life eternal.

A friend emailed from Thailand that he is ok. He was supposed to leave on a diving trip but postponed it a day because his wife was visiting in Bangkok and decided to come home a day later. That decision probably saved his life. Meanwhile, an email shows up from a former teacher of mine, with a picture of a beautiful young couple in their mid-20's; her son and his girlfriend. They were last traced to a beachfront hotel at Khao Lak and there has been no word since. Slowly the hope for word from them is extinguished ....

The past few days it feels like someone or something has been trying to communicate. There was a POP of energy in the middle of a hallway, at least 8 feet from any electrical outlet. I wasn't sure I'd really seen it, but then the dog and cat sitting next to me were staring. I walked over to the spot, came back; they looked at me and then went back to watching that spot. Today I saw a pair of pants fall on the floor - from the middle of my bed! Maybe someone's sending a message from the other side. I hope it's just hello.

Anyway, like the Zuni Indians say, "There are no truths, only stories."

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