Thursday, December 16, 2004

Taiji chuan link

This is a link to the redesigned website by Marc Sabin, over in NY. Marc and I go way back, to the earliest days of serious training in the martial arts. He and I were in Kenpo together from white to black belt, and when I started Serrada he was the person I grabbed when I realized I needed a training partner. Thus it was logical to bring him to meet John K. Wong, who was our first Tai Chi teacher. While my passion kept my attention on the Filipino arts, Marc followed his into Tai Chi. He is not only an accomplished practitioner and gifted teacher, but also a writer able to express himself with great clarity. Thus I present his link .....

Taiji in depth: for those more discriminating readers

The first taiji page on his site

Marc Sabin's home page, which includes links to his ministry, other writings, etc.

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